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At Kai Gallot Model Management and Consulting, our ​mission is to be the guiding light for aspiring models and ​talents, providing comprehensive management, progressive ​training, and expert consulting services. We are committed ​to nurturing their unique potential, building their ​confidence, and supporting personal and professional ​growth. With a focus on integrity, transparency, and ​inclusivity, we strive to create a positive and uplifting ​environment, fostering long-lasting relationships with our ​clients and industry partners. Through dedication, ​innovation, and creativity we aim to shape the future of ​modeling and consulting; being a catalyst for our clients’ ​growth while ensuring they reach their full potential and ​thrive in the ever evolving world of modeling and media.

"A lot of people find fashion intimidating.

My mission is to guide them past that fear & give them the confidence to believe in themselves”

Services Offered

Comp Card & Digitals

Shoot your digitals with a ​pro.

On​ Set Consultation

Get photoshoot assistance ​and ​styling.

Runway & Pose ​Training

Learn the 4 runway walks & ​po​se mechanics

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